KCIC’S Sustainability Initiative

Our mission is to equip decision makers, policy makers and managers with the relevant skills to deliver institutional value through sustainable strategies, while operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


Climate change is the biggest threat facing humankind – and it is caused by our own behaviours. 2016 was the hottest year on record, for the third year in a row. It’s time we take action before it’s too late.

Resource depletion

To drive economic growth, we are using natural resources 30% faster than they can be replenished. Unbridled economic growth is increasing stress on national infrastructure, populations and the environment.


Nairobi is producing 360% more waste than it can handle and businesses account for over a third of this daily burden. Over-consumption accelerates climate change and deepens global inequality.

Energy use

Energy production is one of the main driving forces of global warming. There are clean alternatives such as solar and wind power. A country’s energy mix is crucial to its sustainable development.

Our vision is to be the premier organisation supporting the achievement of sustainable development in Africa.

Corporate  Sustainability  (n):  The  intentional  behaviour  of  organisations  to  adopt  sustainability  as  part  of  their  corporate  DNA,  the  way  they  make  decisions  for  now  and  for  the  future.

Five pillars to achieve sustainability

The KCIC Sustainability Initiative offers a suite of services to embed sustainability into your short, medium and long-term strategies.

  • Awareness creation

    Informing people about sustainable development issues in Kenya

  • Capacity building

    Equipping companies with the tools they need to implement solutions

  • A community of practice

    Facilitating dialogue and collaboration to find solutions to critical sustainability challenges

  • A think tank

    Gathering research and data to guide and support strategies of action

  • Project management

    Supporting business by reducing barriers and providing expert skills

KCIC’s Sustainability Initiative is designed to support companies and organisations realise specific targets outlined by the Sustainable Development Goals adopted globally in 2015.

Partner with us to achieve sustainability

The 17th goal highlights partnerships as being key to advancing sustainable development. Concerted effort between governments, private sector, civil society and academia are required for meaningful results to be achieved.

Download our social media kit to help create awareness about sustainability and empower people with the tools they need to implement solutions.

Since 2012, KCIC’s Sustainability Initiative has achieved







With thanks to our partners

The Sustainability Initiative is driven by the Kenyan Climate Innovation Centre, which is a World Bank-InfoDev initiative funded by UKaid and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. KCIC is an incubator that supports the development and deployment of technologies that help communities to mitigate against or adapt to climate change.


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KCIC Sustainability Initiative


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